Fine Arts Festival

The 2018 Fine Arts Festival

The 2018 Fine Arts Festival will be on Display October 26 - November 16, 2018. More details, including this year's theme, exhibit and event details will be available as planning progresses.

Ladies enjoyed a Victorian Luncheon during the 2016 Fine Arts Festival

History of the Fine Arts Festival

The Fine Arts Festival (FAF) began in the fall of 2003 as a themed formal fundraiser party. That year, organizers decided to select an artist as the theme and display large 5x7 foot reproductions painted by Visual Arts Center artists as part of the decoration. Van Gogh was chosen by the organizers. A super-sized painting of one of his Paris night scenes served as the "doorway" outside the building for guests to walk through, and was enjoyed so much, it stayed up for an entire month. Thus, the Annual Fine Arts Festival was born: a month-long celebration of an artist or period and the art reproductions, complete with an exhibition, special workshops and themed events.

Artists begin their creations after the chosen artist/theme is announced every spring, replicating the techniques of masters from the chosen era. Artwork created specially for the Fine Arts Festival is displayed for sale in Goff Gallery.  Artists and themes which have been celebrated over the years include: Dali, Gauguin, Degas, O'Keeffe, DaVinci/Michaelangelo, Lautrec, Spirit of the American Frontier, Monet, Sargent, and Art Nouveau.

Festival Sponsorship

The Fine Arts Festival is an opportunity to connect with thousands of potential customers in a relaxed, entertaining environment. You will make a lasting impact by showing your company’s commitment to the arts and the local community. We offer several levels of sponsorship. If you are interested in sponsoring our next Fine Arts Festival, contact Business Development Director Stacy Calvino at (941) 639-8810 or