Sheryl Unwin - Draw & Paint

Sheryl is from Massachusetts. She's lived in Gossport, England between 1997-2005 with her husband before moving to FL in 2005. Mainly a self-taught artist, she did attend the Art Institute of Boston from 1984-1986. Her professional background has been working as a Graphic Designer for for the commercial and sign printing industry between 1984 to present. Today her passion for animals and nature has inspired her to create realistic scratchboard, color and graphite, pen and ink drawing of her favorite subjects. She also love to draw portraits of people. 

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An introduction into the world of scratchboard. Scratchboard is an illustrative technique using sharp knives and tools for engraving into a thin layer of white China clay coated with dark, often black India ink. You will be given samples and learn the different types of boards, the range of techniques and variety of different tools for etching your image.  We will also explore the different