Art & Supply Store Start-up Funding

Art & Supply Store Start-up Funding

  • $25.00


All donations will go towards start-up funding for the Art & Supply Store (click for details).


To make a donation of any amount, click on a box below and select an amount from the drop down menu.  If you prefer an amount not listed, select "Variable Donation Amount" from the drop-down menu, then click "Add to Cart". When you are ready to check out and your shopping cart is open, use the - and + symbols to change your quantity to the dollar amount you wish to donate. For example, a donation of $30.00 should reflect a quantity of "30 x". Click "Checkout" when you are ready to pay.

For help and questions, please call the Visual Arts Center at (941) 639-8810 or email

Link to Art & Supply Store Business Plan and Detail Documents.