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Study drawing techniques with Mairin Wilson at the Visual Arts Center (VAC). Have you ever wondered what makes a work of art successful? This course will give you the tools to create strong two-dimensional pieces of art. We will analyze works of art that have stood the test of time. We will complete exercises and projects in each class to practice and strengthen the concepts learned. Work outside of class will be suggested and optional. We will explore: 

Weeks 1-4: Elements of Art and Principles of Design

All you need to know about the basics of design elements and principles. You will learn how they translate to making quality art.

  • Line         
  • Balance
  • Repetition
  • Unity
  • Variety
  • Proportion
  • Pattern
  • Emphasis
  • Shape
  • Form
  • Texture
  • Value
  • Color
  • Space

 Weeks 5-8: Composition

You will learn various techniques for arranging the elements and using the principles within a confined space.

  • Golden Ratio
  • Rabatment
  • Rule of  Thirds
  • Composition Stems
  • Leaders and Stoppers

  • Point and Counterpoint
  • Entrance and Exit points
  • Notan


Weeks 9-12 Color

You will learn the fundamentals of color theory and how to apply it to your art.

  • Some of what we will cover…
  • The psychology of color
  • Interaction
  • The spectrum
  • The wheel
  • Schemes

  • Hue, value, and chroma
  • Mixing
  • Matching



4 Weeks Class: Wednesday, 9am-12pm 

 Mairin Wilson, Instructor

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