Photography with Sweatt - INTRO TO PHOTO EDITING (All Levels)

  • $100.00

Learn Photography at the Visual Arts Center (VAC) with Clyde Sweatt. After you have created an image using good photographic technique and rules of compensation, most images will require some digital editing. 

In this course we will be working with Adobe Lightroom Classic, a software program that will provide you with the basic digital editing capabilities that you need as well as extensive tools to catalog your photographs and other features. Many of the features in Lightroom Classic are found in other digital editing software so that techniques that you learn in this class may be applied to software that you may own such as Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel Paint Shop Pro and some software programs that may have been supplied by your camera manufacturer.

The class discussions and demonstrations will focus on Lightroom’s Library and Develop modules. Among the things you will learn is how to:

  • Determine what software will meet your needs
  • Import photos and create catalogs and collections of photographs
  • Attach keywords to photographs and rate them
  • Search for photographs that fit desired criteria
  • Use a histogram to determine some basic editing needs
  • Develop a workflow for editing images
  • Adjust white balance
  • Use filters to alter lighting and remove and correct image defects
  • Correct for a lens’ unique characteristics that may cause distortions
  • Add sharpening to photos and reduce digital noise
  • Use presets to do quick editing
  • Export images to other software such as Adobe Photoshop and plug-in filters for detailed editing

To take full advantage of this class, students should have their editing software installed on a laptop or tablet and a number of digital images that they can use to edit during the class. However, those who don’t have a mobile device or editing software will be able to observe demonstrations on the classroom monitor and take notes.

INTRO TO PHOTO EDITING (All Levels): $100 (VAC Members $80)

Thursdays, 6:00 - 9:00pm

Clyde Sweatt, Instructor

Session:  Class meets once each week for 3 hours and is offered in 4-week sessions for $100 (VAC Members $80).  

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