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Give to the Endowment Trust. The Visual Arts Center Endowment Trust provides long term financial management of donated funds to support the future of the arts and provide long term funding sustainability for the Visual Arts Center. It is managed by a Visual Arts Center Endowment Trust Board.

Your donation to the Visual Arts Center Endowment Trust helps perpetuate the arts in our community by ensuring that the Visual Art Center's reach and content continue to meet the needs of our current and future generations. Contribute a small or large amount, lump sum, or donate over time. The Trust can work with you to carry out your wishes. An immediate donation may be made securely online. Simply choose your donation amount.

To make a donation of any amount, click on a box below and select an amount from the drop down menu.  If you prefer an amount not listed, select "Variable Donation Amount" from the drop-down menu, then click "Add to Cart". When you are ready to check out and your shopping cart is open, use the - and + symbols to change your quantity to the dollar amount you wish to donate. For example, a donation of $30.00 should reflect a quantity of "30 x". Click "Checkout" when you are ready to pay.