Board of Directors

The Visual Arts Center’s volunteer Board of Directors utilize their various professional backgrounds, business connections, and personal skills to further the Center’s mission: To Inspire, Explore, Create and Promote the Visual Arts. Interested volunteers are always welcome to join committees, become involved and begin the journey to board service.

Visual Arts Center Officers:

      • Constance Robison, President
      • Alexia Martin, Vice President
      • Donna Peterman, Treasurer
      • Mary Harbour, Secretary

Board of Directors:

      • Jim Beech
      • Mary Cavanagh
      • Logan Davis
      • Miranda Fields
      • Ellen Harvey
      • John Mizell
      • Judi Roth
      • Steve Strunk
      • Bob Weitz
      • Becky Bovell - Endowment Trust President
      • Janet Watermeier - Executive Director