Howard Hartke - Pottery

Howard has been “in the mud” for 15 years. Never giving a thought to clay, He was a photographer and abstract artist. While at the University of Buffalo and running a successful photography business, he wandered into the UB pottery studio, sat down at the wheel and that was it—he was hooked! Howard has had the opportunity to throw with many Master Potters. He has incorporated their vast knowledge into his own techniques allowing him to offer a unique teaching approach.


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Two pottery-making techniques are working with the pottery wheel and hand buildingLearn to create innovative pieces using either method or blending them together. Designed for the beginner as well as those enhancing their skills. Create bowls, vases, and other stoneware. 


After mastering the basics of centering, pulling and shaping, explore the art of throwing larger out of round pots and other projects of the potter’s choice. Advanced glaze techniques are included.


After mastering the basics of wheel and hand building, learn the ancient techniques of Raku and Horse Hair creating unique works and beautiful pieces of art.