Janie Duke - Fused Glass

Janie Duke is one of a handful of artists who specialize in an old French technique called “Pate de Verre”, or paste of glass. Janie has studied and worked in Pate de Verre for more than seven years. She is a proud member of the Visual Arts Center, sits on the Board of Charlotte County Arts and Humanities Council and is a participating member of Glass Artists Society of Seattle, WA. She considers her work representative of earth, sky and oceans. The effect she strives for is a serene, calming one for those who appreciate her art.

Find Classes with Janie Duke


This beginning glass class is for those who have never worked in glass before.  Make a small bowl or plate.  Learn the basics: types of glass; tools; how to cut glass; design and form; what glass does as it warms in the kiln and how it affects your finished piece. Students must wear closed-toe shoes to class.  

FUSED GLASS STUDIO - Intermediate & Advanced  

Now that you know the basics, experiment with a new fused glass technique each session. Folding, forming, braiding and more. Must have taken Introductory Class before this class. Students must wear closed-toe shoes to class.