Wayne Harsherberger - Stone Sculpture

Wayne Harshberger is a retired stonemason turned stone sculpture artist with 25 plus years of experience. He began carving in wood, but quickly transitioned to stone because of his lifelong career relationship with stone. He enjoys watching a piece of stone come to life as a piece of art. Wayne sells his work through art shows and festivals and has won awards for his master craftsmanship, including, “Best in Show 2016” in Englewood and “Award of Distinction” at Ann Marie Art League.

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No Experience Learn the basic steps of stone carving and have fun creating your own stone sculpture. Discover how to use sculpting tools, metal files to shape an abstract form and sanding. Instructor rents the tools and sells supplies directly to students, including a stone blank and granite base. Stones may be purchased from inventory provided by the instructor as student progresses. 

Plus $20 Tool Rental Fee to instructor and new stone for each session, typically in the $30 to $80 per stone price range

  • 4 Week Session, 12 seats per class
  • Wednesdays, 6pm-9pm