Clora Hamilton - Fiber

Clora Hamilton moved to Port Charlotte from her hometown, Danvers, Massachusetts.  Before retiring, Clora taught at Charlotte County Public Schools.  She loves everything fabric, making her own designs, and sharing her knowledge with others.



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Floorcloths have provided beauty and durability for more than 400 years.  Through the centuries, the purpose has remained the same,  cloth sturdy enough to withstand the tread of shoes.  Floorcloths are handmade canvas-based rugs that are infinitely customizable in style, size and shape. 

Create your own floor cloth from beginning to end.  Design  paint and finish a floor cloth that matches your home and style on a 2’ x 4’ canvas and learn about proportion, design and finishing techniques.  

4 Week Sessions – 10 Spaces

Tuesday, 9am-12pm