Art & Supply Store

About the Art & Supply Store

Margin & Mission Ignition:  The Visual Arts Center (VAC) was selected by the Patterson Foundation, as one of five nonprofits in a four-county area, for its Margin & Mission Ignition Initiative, to develop and implement earned‐income plans to strengthen entrepreneurial capacity and become sustainable for greater community impact.  We have an opportunity to put into action the first steps toward developing a long-term plan for financial stability for the VAC.  The goal is to initiate programs that can contribute to our bottom line so we are not continuously fundraising to support operating costs such as keeping the lights on, or the building operating. 

Art & Supply Store: Our goal is to build on the needs and desires of our members and customers by creating an Art & Supply Store within the VAC to offer class supply kits, class focused materials, a limited inventory of professional quality basic art supplies, VAC logo items, $1 per item healthy snacks and rental storage lockers – all as a convenience for students, members and visitors and creating an earned income opportunity for the VAC. Because space is limited, reconfiguring space within the VAC will be necessary to create space for the Art & Supply Store. 

Patterson Foundation Funding Match: Between now and mid-February, The Patterson Foundation will match dollar for dollar all contributions for this initiative up to $50,000.  This includes any donations made on Giving Tuesday, either through our website or through Facebook.  

Start-up Investment Funding:  We are trying to raise start-up investment funding of $125,000 before February 15th to take advantage of the Patterson Foundation Match and meet the deadline of the Margin & Mission Ignition initiative. We are hoping to have enough funding to begin construction December 22nd, so most of the improvements can be completed for our January 3rd to 5th VAC Open House.

Art & Supply Store Documents:  Detailed information is provided below.  Click  the link to access the document.