Exhibit Hanging & Display Requirements

The Visual Arts Center reserves the right to reject any work that is poorly presented and does not meet hanging requirements at time of receiving.  


  • Must be either gallery wrapped or properly framed using glass or Plexiglas. Note: The VAC is not responsible for for glass that produces a glare when displayed or photographed. 
  • Gallery wrap is acceptable. Image must extend to all visible canvas and no staples should be exposed.
  • Pastels must be sealed.
  • Paintings must be thoroughly dry.
  • Must be securely fastened with picture wire. The center of the wire should be a minimum of 3" from the top of the frame when stretched.
  • Ideally the wire, when holding the piece, should be 4 inches from the top; 3 inches being the minimum to prevent the hanging bracket from showing. Directions:
    1. Measure ⅓ to halfway down the frame. 
    2. Place eye screw or D-rings in the frame. Use adequate sized fasteners for the weight of the piece. 
    3. Secure the wire to the fasteners and adjust the length so when stretched, the wire will be between 3 and 4 inches from the top of peice. Use non-coated braided wire sufficient for the weight of the peice. String, saw-tooth hangers and clips cannot be used with our hanging system.


  • Should fit safely on a 12" pedestal or on the floor. Artist may provide their own pedestal, provided it is clean and attractive, and they are responsible for it's stability. The VAC reserves the right to reject pedestals deemed unsafe.
  • Appropriate mounting or display stands must be provided with your piece. If it has an unusual mounting system, please provide a photo with directions or be prepared to assist in placing the piece. 
  • Jewelry must be presented with an appropriate display stand
  • Sculpture to be mounted on walls must have a strong hanging apparatus and artist must be prepared to assist in hanging.


  • Must have artist’s name, address, phone number, and title of work on reverse of entry.
  • Must be completely original.
  • Must be completed within the last two years.
  • Must be ready to display/hang per our requirements. The Visual Arts Center will not be responsible for works damaged through faulty display preparation by the artist.
  • Artwork not properly ready for display will not be accepted.
  • Must not have been previously exhibited at the Visual Arts Center (except artwork displayed in the National Art Exhibition, Visual Arts Center Student Show and/or in Goff Gallery shows).
  • The Visual Arts Center cannot provide storage. You will be assessed a $10 per day storage fee if work is not picked up.
  • Must not be removed prior to the completion of the exhibit unless sold and removed by purchaser. 


Please see prospectus for specic requirements for each exhibit.

A   Judged Exhibit: All work that meets the criteria of the exhibit is accepted.
B   The Visual Arts Center is hosting this event or renting space to another group or organization. All regulations, times, fees and prizes are specied in their prospectus and supersedes any stated here.
C   Exhibit is open to 3-dimensional media only.
D   Exhibit is open to 2-dimensional media only.
J   Juried Exhibit: A judge views the art received and may eliminate entries prior to hanging. Entry fees are non-refundable. Eliminated work must be picked up the same/next day after being contacted.
OPEN   Exhibit is open to a variety of mediums including work in: painting, sculpture, jewelry, textiles, metal, wood, basketry, glass, photography and digital graphic art.

    ORIGINALITY: Only original works may be submitted to our shows. This means that the subject of the entry must be a concept entirely developed by the submitting artist and executed by his/her own hand. Duplications of another’s work of art, whether by machine or paint, is considered copyright infringement and may not hang in the Visual Arts Center’s regular exhibits. Entries found not to be original will be excluded from the show and any awards revoked with no return of entry fees.

    PLEASE BE ADVISED: The Visual Arts Center reserves the right to make any changes in any of the above information and accepts no responsibility for undue inconvenience inadvertently caused by such changes or any error contained herein.

    EXHIBIT COMMITTEE: Do you have an interest in hanging, researching prospective jurors, policy issues, theme and scheduling? We can always use the input and help. Please contact us at info@visualartcenter.org.