Robert "Nish" Nishihira - Photography


Robert was a full-time commercial photographer for 18 years in California and had clients such as Callaway Golf, IBM, and Qualcomm. He achieved several honors including CA Magazine’s Award of Excellence and ASMP’s Gold Award. Robert's work has been published in magazines such as Vogue and Town & Country. After retiring from commercial photography, Robert taught at the City College of San Francisco for 20 years.



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A course designed for picture-takers of all levels who wish to take the mystery out of  camera exposure settings. Whether a novice or seasoned pro, all will benefit from the  exposure tips and techniques that will be covered. Students will produce  photographs that will be evaluated by instructor in class critique sessions.

6 Week Sessions – 10 Spaces, Thursday, 9am-12pm


Photography literally means drawing or writing with light. And since light is so fundamental to photography, this hands-on course will explore the 4 main characteristics  of light. Students will learn to exploit those characteristics as they raise their photography skills to the next level.  A hands-on course exploring the four main characteristics of light.  A chance to experiment with lighting modifiers and filters.

6 Week Sessions – 10 Spaces, Thursday, 6pm-9pm